Terrain brush weirdness

Hi Guys,

suddenly my Terrain brush turned to a square… Does anybody know how to undo that ?

Look at your Brush Size setting. When you put it very low(like you have above) you get what you see above(the square brush shape). This is just the way that the terrain editor paint tool works :slight_smile:

Maybe cuz the size of the Brush is very low, like MrSoad said, i really think thats the problem, cuz pixels are squares, and they circles (in computers) are lots and lots of little squares, so if your brush is too small, it looks like a square at all…Well if you make an very low resolution circle, it will not be a square at all, but maybe there’s a bug in unity that makes it look like one…

wow I’m surprised this hasn’t happened to more of you. It is an actual bug. Some times while working your brush size randomly becomes TO BIG for the terrain you are working on. Regardless of the terrains size and regardless of the settings, the brush is to big even at the smallest setting.

one way I’ve found to fix this is to make copies or backups of your terrain data and just reapply it in the component when this happens