Terrain changes color in WebGL build

I am a complete novice in Unity, so please bear with me if I am asking dumb questions.
I am building a terrain with snowy ground. But when I build for WebGL, it turns brown/black.
Any ideas?


I am not sure what shader I use. I have not found where to apply it. I am probably using the standard shader.

I have how ever used a normal map for the snow material. I read somewhere that I do not need a normal map when using the standard shader, but after delering the normal map from the snow material, the snow were still brown/black in the WebGL build.

I tried to add a new terrain without adding any material, but that terrain too is brown/black in the WebGL build.

I’m having a similar problem.

When building for WebGL, the terrain is very dark. Like there is no light source. But on all other platforms (Win/Mac/iOS) it looks great.
I’ve tried all the available options in Material dropdown in the Base Terrain settings, but all have the same result…

Is there a solution for this?