Terrain class - How do I reference it?

I'm trying to load TerrainData from resources dynamically and set Terrain.SetNeighbors. However, in order to use SetNeighbors I need references to a "Terrain" object, which I cannot figure out how to obtain.

I load the TerrainData in, create it as a GameObject, and render it. Nowhere in those steps do I ever deal with a Terrain object. So how do I refer to the "Terrain" of this GameObject so I can plug it into "SetNeighbors"?

TerrainData terraindata = (TerrainData)Resources.Load("Terrain/TerrainDataName");
GameObject terrain = Terrain.CreateTerrainGameObject(terraindata);
terrain.transform.position = new Vector3(0,0,0);
terrain.renderer.enabled = true;

Help would be much appreciated.

This seemed to work:

Terrain myTerrain = terrain.GetComponent<Terrain>();