Terrain collider behaving strangely

Hi all,

I’m working in a scene which has a terrain which has some hills and valleys. My player is a first person controller taken from the standard assets. Whenever the player walks towards a hill, he climbs it normally. However, when I walk into a valley, the player floats above the ground instead of going down with the terrain.

This was working ok for a while and I only noticed it recently. I don’t recall having made changes to the player but I did add some more hills to the terrain recently. There’s a picture attached of the player floating above a valley. Any thoughts?


So here’s what happened. I have a box collider at the bottom of the terrain that is supposed to act like a shredder which detects objects (except for the player) and destroys them. I forgot to set it as trigger so the player is able to stand on it. DUH

Sorry for the issues