Terrain Design and Creation

Hei guys , I’ve been struggling to create a map for a project I work on , but I have difficulties in the scaling of the regions

I’ve been working on a map for couple of days and everytime I hit play if feels like it’s too small or Idk…

Can you give me some tips or tuts of how to make a world map with perfect scaling for all regions .

Your scene is not limited to one Terrain, even if that’s the largest 2000 v 2000 one; if it feels too small to you (cuz “perfect scale” is what you see it as), then drop a whole bunch more 2k v 2k terrains into the same scene and line them up next to each other. Go nuts!

Look at Terrain.SetNeighbors(), Terrain.Flush() and depeding on your ultimate goals, Asset Store Stitchscape