Terrain design tutorial.

Hi, Iam looking for some tutorials on terrain design. I know how to work with the tool but I need to make it look realistic. Does anyone know any? When I try to search for some, all I get is tutorial for the terrain tool. Not the desing.
Or does anyone here know some tips that you are willing to share?

I have found this ‘tutorial’ that contains ‘tips & tricks’. If it’s not what you are asking for or you can’t follow the tutorial I’ll try and find you some more.

we cant get knowledge to make it look realistic terrain by seeing any tutorial…just take a look at nature and get it from there…painting(texturing) terrain is important for looks realistic…than nothing else…its all over our knowledge.

If you want realistic terrain you’re better off using a 3d modelling tool than the build-in editor , because the build in editor uses heightmaps and if you handmodel the terrain you can use vertical cliffs with correct uv-mapping, but if you want it to keep it simple and you want to use the TE than you can :

→ For mountains , use the stairs-method sculpt plateau’s of a specified height and on top of that another height and so on and then use the smooth tool and another stamp to imprint small carvings or rocks

→ For smooth hills you can use the sculpt tool to random paint random heights and so on

Hope this helps a bit