Terrain Distance

Hi Everyone,

I've just created a pretty nice looking terrain using the Terrain Toolkit. The size of the terrain is 60,000x60,000. Now you're all going to say "Why do you need it so big?" - Simple, I'm working on a mountain range.

Now when I load up the game and run it, Unity limits my view of the terrain, this makes the game kinda "Crappy" as the whole point of the game is to take in the scenery.

How do I change the settings so that all of the terrain is viewed on the camera, without cutting any out. I'm not bothered about trees and what not (Details), I just need it so that the terrain is loaded fully, not in sections.


~ Alex

Set a higher camera far plane distance. It's usually something like 2000 but you'd need it to be 60k or 70k to view all the terrain.

You might also need to dynamically LOD your other models (non-terrain engine) to make sure you aren't rendering objects miles away at full quality and wasting resources on something you can't really see far away