terrain error? alpha character problem!

when i create a terrain and load my character, he appears to not have any color, he is just an alpha image. everything else works fine besides that, but this is bugging me alot.

As I already written as comment, possibly the shader of your character is set to something silly, check the materials of the character (property of renderer) to see if there's something wrong and try if it works with the diffuse shader. If that's not it, check your lighting options and try if the problem also occurs on other computers.

When you say character, how was it created, and what is the source of color?

If it's a model from Blender, and the colors are actually a bitmap Texture - then be aware that Unity does not automatically import bitmap Textures. You have to move them into the Assets directory and assign them by hand. See here, scroll down for more information:

FAQ:Getting skinned models from Blender to Unity

If it is a Blender procedural Texture, as far as I can tell, those can not be imported into Unity - only a bitmap file such as .jpg or .png.

Anything else, and you need to provide more information about the model and color source.