Terrain for Unity iPhone

Hi There,

I'm curious about terrain painting tools in Unity 3d, and am curious which, if any, of them carry over to Unity iphone as well. I am wanting to do outdoor texturing, and the process of stacking poly's in the map over whatever texture area I want applied has been painful, and I really am unhappy with its less than acceptable collagy effect.

I would love to be able to paint on tiled textures if possible. It would make the process SOOOO much less technical, and I'd be able to work creatively on these levels for once... Even if I had to paint it in unity 3d, and find some way to render it out or bake it to the model using my UV's.

A follow up is that I've heard you can set specific portions of a texture to tile, without tiling the entire thing. Is this true? For the iPhone version?

I appreciate any help with this issue.



The Unity terrain engine doesn't exist at all in Unity iPhone.

Maybe you could create the terrain in Maya, export it as obj to ZBrush. In Zbrush it will become a poly per pixel object and you can use various brushes to apply color and texture to your object. Finally, choose color -> texture from the Zbrush menu and export as PSD (maybe flip vertically). Finally add some touches in Photoshop, resize, export and import your texture map in Maya.

You don't have any of the built-in terrain features in Unity iPhone, however you can reproduce some of the features yourself.

There's a blog post here which discusses creating a terrain, including a shader which gives you 2 blended splatmaps and a lightmap, here:


You could also potentially use the particle systems for things like billboard grass and tree effects.