terrain generator (looking for a product)

Is there an editor extension that allows for random terrain generation?

To get you more of an idea of what I mean…Daz Studio’s Bryce is a good example of what I think is a good idea.

Bryce, it has nearly 30 options to pick for random generation (lava, rolling hills, cracked mud, ect)

Is there a tool close to what Bryce can do, but you know…happens inside of Bryce?

Terrain Toolkit is one that I used for the longest time.
This link is a tutorial video: Terrain Toolkit - Tutorial
Here is the download page for it: Terrain Toolkit 1.0.2

If you need something that is really top shelf in quality and options I would look at “Terrain Composer”

link text

I am still reviewing it… but thought I would recommend it too you. It is worth a look

at least the youtube view was impresssive…

quote from site:

Multiple Terrain features exploration, creating massive terrain tile using 9 tiled terrains with a few clicks, use satellite images for texturing and creating trees based on a begin and end color.

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