terrain geometry detail low (solved)

We are currently making a rally racing game, but our terrain guy has some problems, the terrain around the player needs to be well detailed, geometrically. But the problem is that we are just unable to get a sort of high resolution terrain. The edges of the terrain around the track are sharp somewhat like a very low poly mesh. We tried changing the settings in the ‘set terrain resolution’ but without much luck.Also we thought doing it might bring down the frame rates.

How can we make it look good? Should we make the track externally in 3DsMax so that it is a high detail track and import as FBX and convert it into a terrain, and the area away from the track can be the usual Unity terrain?Will it affect the performance if we decide to port the game into iOS later?

Thanks in advance

I would advise making the parts near the track high detail meshes. There is no straight forward way to convert meshes into terrain (built into Unity at least), and even if you were to, it would just be back to low quality.

Also, according to the Unity documentation, Terrain height (what you are doing now) is not supported on iOS/Android. So, you would need to use meshes anyway.

I would suggest breaking up your meshes so Unity only needs to draw parts of the track that you can see (and not the stuff behind you).