Terrain Grass/Detail Filtering

It seems that grass textures and detail meshes added to the terrain are automatically filtered (bilinear or trilinear) regardless of whether the original textures were imported using point filtering. Is there anyway to change this behavior? An example is shown here: http://pbrd.co/1DZpFMG where the left shows the grass texture placed on the terrain, and the right shows the original point-filtered texture.

Thank you.

The only solution I know is to make the texture high resolution with the same art style. Try this:


Virus Total I haven’t checked the file, so it might not work as intended. But it is supposed to take a low resolution texture and then convert it to a high resolution (512x512, this should be enough) texture which would look like you have point turned on.

Is there any other solution to this?

The solution proposed by @ExtremePowers works but it kills the performance (I lose 7~10 fps just by adding a little grass).

Here is a screenshot of my test, the blurry texture is 32x32 and the “pixel perfect” one is 512x512.