Terrain is Blurry (Photos)


I’ve been working on a project, and things were great until I accidentally deleted all my scripts. I moved them back, but had to re-connect all the connections to prefabs etc. After that, at some point, the terrain in my project became blurry.

I’ve re-imported all the packages I’m using, and even contacted the author of them all. His advice worked with this problem in a NEW project, but hasn’t solved this project.

The example shows the blurry ground vs. what it should look like. I’m guessing it has something to do with a shader or something. I have no idea, really. Any one know what this may be?


[Also, if I export the terrain I make in the BLURRY version, into the CORRECT version, the changes are there but nothing is blurry. If I export the CORRECT terrain into the blurry project, it’s blurry.]

Not sure exactly why – probably something to do with conflicting files from multiple asset store packs, but deleting “Tools_Scripts_Shaders” from the Ancient pack (by Manufactura4K) did the trick. I have 4 of his packs in the project, and there are multiple versions – and differing versions – of shaders etc.