Terrain is too heavy for mobile

Hello, I am New and have a really bad problem

I made an empty Terrain with textures with Gaia pro 2021, but when i built it for Android to test the game is so slow in mobile, for instance in Redmi Note 9. But i see the PUBG Mobile terrains are not too heavy and almost any Android devices can run it.

I raised the Pixel Error value to 200 and less base map distance but still not performing good. Pls tell me what to do that the game can run smoothly like PUBG Mobile and Call Of Duty.

I know i cant do this alone, that’s why am asking for help

Thanks,i keep it in mind

I think It’s not about the terrain, it’s about whether there are other objects there, terrain doesn’t weigh for mobile structures. there might be something else going on here

If you want to learn then OK, but don’t expect this will be easy. You will likely give up soon - you are resourceful but most people give up because learning this takes weeks-to-months of learning, reading, searching, confusion and trial and error loops.

Start with profiling. Because you can’t fix the performance without understanding which processes are taking too much processing power in your app. Open a Profiler window, connect it to your application running and show us this screen:

Here is a documentation page how to do that:

Thanks i try this