Terrain looks extremely bright and clips when I move my FPS Controller (Unity Standard Assets Package).

The terrain that I am trying to build has a dark brown texture. I have painted a path over it with a darker brown texture. However, when I start testing it out in play mode, the texture looks completely yellow. When I move my player forward, the terrain at a distance starts clipping out, flickering brown patches appear.

I have tried the following:

  • Switched off fog
  • Changed the color space from Gamma to Linear

It still does nothing.

Here are the screenshots:

Actual Texture in Scene Mode:

Texture in Game Mode:

Terrain getting clipped in Game Mode (or maybe it’s showing the actual texture):

How to fix this issue? Please help me. Thank you.

For all those who are facing the same problems as mine, try the following:

Change the intensity of your Directional Light (any light for that matter). If the intensity is around 3 or greater, the textures look completely brightened out and it causes clipping. Decrease the intensity to around 1 to 2.5 for best effect. Pretty silly problem but I suppose beginners may run into this often.