Terrain - m_PreloadTextureAtlasData.size () == m_DetailPrototypes.size ()

m_PreloadTextureAtlasData.size () == m_DetailPrototypes.size ()

This error has been driving me nuts. Comes up in SOME scenes only on my terrain when I ‘save’. Sometimes this error causes a grass issue where old grass appears and new grass disappears which is fixable by double clicking on the grass again inside the terrain editor, and re-appears again upon save… never-ending.

Does anyone know this? Latest everything fully updated.

I’ve submitted it but have never figured out the answer, my entire game was remade to a seamless open world at this point onto the newest Unity version using RTP for terrain shaders and I sure as hell hope it doesn’t come back now since before it was a small issue for each zone but annoying… But for the entire world, oh boy.

So far it HAS not come back.