Terrain material/normal blending in HDRP

Hi, I have no idea how I would go about doing this in the HDRP shader graph.
I know how it is done in a few other engines, but not here.
Has anyone fooled around with it?

To clarify i mean something like these:

You can do something pretty similar with the HDRP layered lit shader. This is what was used in the Fontainebleau Photogrammetry demo : https://blogs.unity3d.com/2018/03/12/photogrammetry-in-unity-making-real-world-objects-into-digital-assets/
Feel free to grab the project and look at how the rocks blend with the terrain.
Note that we don't blend the normals of the mesh with the underlying terrain.

I had found that, it’s not really what i am after. Requires a mask. I had set up something that blends between two materials, but if i place the asset on a transition between two terrain layers i am stuck.

bumping this thread

Would help to bump with pictures as I highly suspect that people are thinking of all kinds of things, at this point.

Ok how about one better. Here is a video of exactly what I want and think should be part of the standard package



How might this be done via the Universal Render Pipeline?

That explains a lot of tech-heavy details (HDRP), but I think it is still not clear enough, and a bit fuzzy for those who are not familiar with shaders or HDRP or how to achieve the effect seen in that video above.

One of the issues I personally had with this kind of thing when I first started to mess with shaders is that blending a rock into another rock that is also blended into the terrain would require consecutive depth buffers that I couldn't get around.

How is this solved in URP or HDRP? -- Or is it?

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Any updates on this topic? :frowning:

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@Remy_Unity – I kinda think this should be standard too:

Any chance this is coming as part of a default setup with, perhaps, the new Terrain / Environment engine?