Terrain Occlusion Culling


I’d like to know if Unity3D supports terrain occlusion culling, this means if objects behind hills are actually culled…if so I’d like to know if I have to do something manually to enable it.

Yes, but it will only work with static objects. You will have to set your terrain and Objects to be Occlusion Static in the top right corner of the inspector and then Bake Occlusion for the level in Window/Occlusion Culling.

For dynamic objects, they will only be culled like normal when out of view of the camera.

For dynamic occlusion look for occlusion area tutorials

I know it’s an oldie but today I was stuck on this!

Here we go: there’s a “Dynamic Occlusion” checkbox on any Rendering component (enabled by default).
So all you have to do is select all Static objects you want Unity to consider as Occluders (the ones blocking) and do a Bake on Window/Occusion Culling.
Once you do that, any Occludee (Game Object that’s not static) that has the checkbox “Dynamic Occlusion” checked on their Renderer component will be hidden accordingly during runtime.

Reference: Unity - Manual: Using occlusion culling with dynamic GameObjects