Terrain - Opinions On Performance?

If there are any terrain experts, I would greatly appreciate your opinion on possible performance problems, before I start work.

I plan to use a 6x6 grid of terrains (36 terrain objects), each sized 280x280 units. Each terrain object will have a different (i.e., unique) 1024x1024 pixel texture mapped to it. This will enable me to show ultra-precise surface details, which I can’t generate using Unity’s terrain-painting capabilites. I’d like this to work on a typical mid-grade computer (nothing fancy). Plus, there won’t be very many meshes placed on the terrain, and they’ll be simple cubes (nothing complicated).

My questions:

  1. Will a 6x6 grid of 36 unique 1024x1024 pixel textures cause performance problems? Or, is Unity able to process it all?
  2. If I up-the-ante to 2048x2048 pixel textures (to get even more resolution), will this really bog-down performance?

Thanks very much!

I’m no expert, but here’s my thoughts:

  1. You’re looking at 37,748,736 pixels. 37.8 Million! Assuming you are storing the data as either floats or a rgba colors, that’s 18 megabytes of memory space, which isn’t anywhere near as bad as I expected.

  2. 72 Megabytes for the 2048 version.

Most modern computers will be able to handle that memory over head. Modern internet connections, not so much (webplayer is out).

The only problem I see is rendering performance. With clever optimization, you might be able to pull it off.

But I’m no expert so follow my advise at your own risk.