Terrain Question: Increasing Detail Distance over 250

Inside Terrain Settings, I am trying to increase the Detail Distance over 250, so my grass details will be displayed from a greater distance. How can I do that?

I've tried finding the "Terrain" script to change the code, but couldn't find it.

Any ideas?

Thank you very much.

The variable you need is terrain.detailObjectDistance

(where 'terrain' is a reference to the terrain script on the terrain object). A common way to get this reference is to use Terrain.activeTerrain, or to create a public variable of type Terrain, and drag in a reference to the terrain into that variable slot in the editor.

That variable, and a number of others that you might be interested in (such as treeDistance and treeBillboardDistance) are listed on the Terrain Page in the scripting reference.

This doesn’t work anymore. Unity automatically resets the terrain in the next frame immediately after you make a change.

Hello community, I have tried this with the Fixed Update and it seems to keep the detail distance set to what I like it to. Version 2020.3.6.