Terrain scaling

How do i change the size of the terrain created by the tool? Its huge, and I tried scaling. Also can I add/remove terrain patches?

After you've created your terrain, go to Terrain -> Set Resolution From there, you can set the width, length and height (which is actually the maximum height).

Addendum NO.2

3rd paragraph: Export/Import Heightmap raw is easier than package export/import

Addendum NO.1 (see also, the Kaleidoscope addemdum in Original text)

I was increasing the size, you seem to be reducing it, either way what I list here will help you think it out. Perhaps simply copying the terrain to a blank scene separately, then adjusting it, then copying the objects to this new scene.

Keep in mind the terrain_x.asset file on disk(project window) that is set in the terrain's collider 'Terrain Data' parameter.

After having had a chance at playing with this issue, I tested a naked terrain(no objects) and am able to revert to the original topology of a terrain by reinstating the exact same parameters(resolution, etc...) Was able to do that back and forth. I also pass terrains from one project to another via package export/import and combine terrains in one scene.

Thus by creating more than 1 terrain in a scene, I am able to extend an original terrain where I cornered myself out of room, without changing anything on the original terrain, no distortion, stretching... I can orient(not actual cardinal orientation of each individual one, terrains do not allow rotation). I can size the extension terrrain as needed to either inter-cross or lie side by side, adjoined. *(Where the terrains join you may have infinity holes when terrain_1_edge(y) not= terrain_2_edge(y)... be creative and fill the holes with dead-wood.)*

Making regular copies of projects at critical level is priceless for recovery. Acquiring a better understanding of the intrinsic behavior of all parts of a Unity project helps in recovering much of what I might have thought lost.

ORIGINAL ANSWER: - Don't do that after you have designed the shape of the terrain. My terrain's design scale also changed, thus now everything is useless. The proportions and graphics are no longer true to the point the terrain only looks similar in the sense that it has raised areas in mostly the same locations. - Moreover it shoved all objects to one corner of the terrain in a flat stack of uselessness. Everything is destroyed. Scene lost, gone. ...and the area where it threw all objecst is the same size as the original area 2x2 at 0,0,0. That area is now patched with a bright quilt(plane) of shapes that act as a flashing kaleidoscope as if a floor of light effects all in one color. (ADDENDUM: that was caused by lights that were in the original scene and had been moved to -y by the resizing. Removing the light from the negative y resolved the kaleidoscope effect.)

All I needed was to increase the surface I was working with.

oh yeah! I made sure not to save... to no avail, when I reloaded it loaded the botched scene, not the original. Wonderful, it save for me... (&*%$#&^%#

Worse, I had saved the scene using the Save as before doing anything... it zapped that copy too... the terrain is botched the same way as if they were using the same terrain??? I am really disappointed now... no, pissed! (%#@&%(^%&$@#^#@$%(&^)&%^$&*%^# .