terrain settings for an fps/rpg freeroam

Hi everyone,
I’m currently developing an FPS/RPG blend game, it’s going to be using a free-roam map, - i am steering away from linear gameplay…

  1. What terrain settings should i be using for my game? I don’t want it too high-end…
  2. Also, scripting-wise, lets say i want to 4 maps connecting to each other, how can i cloud them together so when you enter the region of one of them it only loads whatever is on that particular map … (performance factors)

Thanks very much in advance. :slight_smile:

anyone?? :frowning:


From what it seems is you want 4 maps( all maps connecting )
What I would say is particle systems right?
Particle systems for the clouds you can tinker with the particles to get it how you like.
Also for the transfer make 4 scenes or X amount of maps you have and make 1 entrance/exit to each map surrounding it. So in the clouded area make a cube and Tag it with say Area 1. So area1 is East therefor right. Lets say we want to go west into the middle. We goto the furthest end of the terrain were you setup the particle system and cube. (Tag the cube like GoMiddleEast meaning goto middle from east side.

Then in code you would need this.

function OnCollisionEnter(hit: Collision){
 if(hit.gameObject.tag == ("GoMiddleEast"))
    Application.LoadLevel(x);   //Don't put X x stands for the scene number in build settings.

Then have the player spawn at an empty game object with Vector3 variables there you go.

Exactly how do I spawn a character at an object with vecor3 variables?