Terrain Shading

Okay, this is tricky to explain. If it’s possible, I want to be able to have the Terrain Lighted, but not shaded as if it had no normals. I’ll have some links to the Terrain Shaders if anyone is willing to help me figure this out. I am hardly mediocre at scripting Shaders, so if anyone would bare with me and figure this out along with teaching me some stuff along the way, it would be highly appreciated.

If you’ve seen the Toon/Basic Shader, than it’s similar to that except Lighted. So in that case, I guess “I want a Lighted Toon Shader Without The Ramp For Terrain”. Oh god, I am not getting an answer for this, am I?



I don’t think you need to write shaders to do this. Just assign your terrain to a different layer, and set the culling mask for your directional light not to illuminate this layer.