Terrain Streaming 300km x 500km Island?

Hey Guys.

So in short this is what i’m trying to do:
Make an island that is about 300km x 500km.
What I’m planning on doing is making the terrains in 10km2 chunks that are then loaded / unloaded depending on camera position.

I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to pull this off though.
I’ve been looking at world composer and terrain composer, look like they are the best suited tools.

Streaming the terrains depending on where the camera is seems to be the way to go but I’m not sure how to get this streaming going.

Any suggestions?

A little info on my project:
I’m doing my masters thesis at OCAD in Toronto. Basically I’m building a fictional country, writing its history and manufacturing a ton of artifacts to portray the countries history. The point is to be able to analyze and look at what it is that constitutes a nations identity and what kind of events, narratives, figures and artifacts influence it. There is going to be an exhibition in Downtown Toronto in about mid March 2015 including (hopefully) a rendering via Unity of the Island.

Here are some of the things I’ve been working on, Screenshots:

Try World Streamer. You will be able to load/unload terrains, models, lights, particles. it will save your cpu,gpu,ram,vram

Generally speaking - you picked not an easy task :wink:

The way you would go about it:


  • Break terrain into multiple terrains
  • Remove colliders from terrain if you don’t need it
  • Put each terrain into separate Prefab
  • Pack Prefabs to AssetBundles


  • Load AssetBundles depending on where camera is
  • Instantiate terrain form AssetBundle

This might be slow - instantiating terrain is slow, but you might be fine if you’re running on powerful PC. You might think about replacing terrain with meshes if you don’t need multiple levels of LOD.