Terrain system trees slightly sharpen and blur depending on camera rotation

Hello, I’ve attached a video with the weirdness. I’ve only noticed it on mobile devices (iOS and Android), but it’s possible it happens on other platforms to a smaller degree.

Example: Unity Terrain - blurry/sharpened billboard trees - YouTube

Basically, if I rotate the camera at all, the billboarded trees suddenly sharpen. Then when the camera stops rotating, the trees suddenly become blurry after half a second. Position doesn’t affect it, only camera rotation. Maybe it’s some obscure shader optimization trick? Maybe it’s only affected by mobile graphics APIs? Any idea where to look would be extremely appreciated, thank you!

Do you have any post-processing active?

I’m not an expert but from the video, it looks like it might be influenced by DoF or motion blur, or even the fog that seems to be in that area.

How about spawning a prefab of the tree, and checking whether the problem still exists, instead of using the terrain system tree painter. By doing this we will know where the problem exists.