Terrain Texture Android And OpenGL ES 1.x

Hi all.
I m looking to solve my problem.

I m making a simple game to android and the terrain have a big problem.

The terrain texture have a big pixels and blurry.

I m using OpenGL ES 1.x
Texture: Grass Hill size 512X512.
I have no chance to solve this problem alone, Can you help me?


what shader are u using? the built-in or an other?
go to edit->graphic emulation and tell me the avaiable emulation(shader model 3, 2, 1, dx7)

for what I can see, it seems that your shader can’t run on this machine, so it just switch to the diffuse shader using the global colormap

How many textures are u using on this terrain?

Just write a comment with all the infos and I’ll find a solution :slight_smile: