Terrain Texture Bluriness

Hello all,

Having an odd problem with Terrain Textures. I have a terrain with a grass texture on it, and for the most part it is crisp. However I noticed that there are some areas where the texture becomes blurry. about 1/3rd ways down from the screen and 2/3rds way down there are blocks of blurriness that go across the screen. I tried looking through scene view and surprise, there’s a block at the top of the screen that is blurry but the weird part is that it moves as i move throughout the scene leading me to believe it’s not a unity problem but a video card problem. Is there anyone one that can shed some light on this mystery? Thank you.

can you show a screen shot?
might be that its simply mipmap / mipmap bias causing it

I have that problem and it seems that it is a mystery…

how do i set mipmap bias ? in RBG view mode →


and when i put mipmap view.7887-mipmaptextures.jpg how can i fix this ?