Terrain texture shows up as black when painted.

Hey y’all!
I’m trying to paint terrain and when I do, the textures do not repeat as expected. Instead, they show up as one color, like spray paint.

For example, I’m expecting…
alt text

and it shows up like this.
alt text

The blurry, single-color result happens with any texture I paint onto the terrain. Any ideas? Thanks!

UPDATE from suggestions below.

First, I added a Base Terrain Material in the Terrain Settings. Now the ground textures appear as they should in the editor.

alt text

Then I used GPU-Z to determine if my graphics card supports Shader Model 3.0. It says it supports up to Shader Model 5. alt text

However when viewed in-game there is a “static” that appears on the terrain about 10 feet from where the player is located. It dissipates as the player approaches the static.

alt text

This effect disappears if I turn on Shader Model 2 rendering in-game. It seems strange that I can support up to SM5.0 but 3.0 renders incorrectly in Unity.

Finally, the brick texture is better now but still looks blurry and overstretched.

alt text

I feel like this is user error. Any ideas?

I have this same problem, and currently I found out that I could only use a certain amount of textures. I got to a limit and every textures I created beyond that was just painted black. I have 33 and I can’t make any more for some reason.

I am not sure but try this

  1. make sure your computer is capable of shader model 2 or 3
    2)go into the graphic emulation and select shader model 3 or 2 or no emulation
    3)tell me what kind of shader are u using

I am in version 2019.3.5f1 and the problem seems to be the Project settings for the Quality, if I choose a quality profile that doent’s have the Texture Quality at Full Res the black texture appears.