Terrain Texture Sizes

Hi everyone!

I’ve been working with Unity for ages now and I’ve always seemed to see this problem; Whenever I create a terrain, the texture sizes are always going up the larger I make my terrain (Sorry if I’m making this hard, it’s hard to explain it). For example, I create a terrain 1000x1000. When I use a texture on the terrain, the number I select, Say I select 3, will always be 1000th of the terrain size times that number. So in this case, 3. However, if I was so create a terrain 3000x3000, my texture would be 9 squares wide (Which is equal to 9 meters). Is there any way to change this? so that rather than having it in this format, I would be able to change it to 1 on the brush size would equal 1 meter on the terrain, no matter the size?

~ alex95

No sorry you can’t fix that, try having multiple terrains next to each other.