Terrain texture square effect.

Hey guys. I’m texturing my map and i keep having this problem that my ground from far looks like a bunch of squares. How can i make this less visible? Is the a way to do this? Thanks a lot for your time ahead.

For terrain, the big problem is making it look good both up-close and far away. If you use small tiling scales, it will look good from far away, but blurry up close. If you use large tiling scales, it will look good up close, but you’ll see the tiling pattern from far away.

There are a few ways to handle this, but I’ve found two to be especially useful:

1.) Make sure you use enough variation in textures and the mapping to make the textures constantly fade into each other. When a section of terrain is not all one texture, it’s harder to make out the tiling. This can also be helped with adequate detail meshes breaking up the terrain visually.
2.) Use large tiles normally, but use a terrain with a detail texture overlaid once you get up close. There are a bunch of tutorials if you search “Unity Terrain Detail Texture”.