Terrain textures look horrible when built to standalone

Hey Everyone,

I have an issue when I build my project to a Windows or Mac Standalone application. Terrain textures are not properly displaying, showing a green grid pattern on top of the textures.

The issue is not consistent and only on some machines. It does not happen in the editor or the machine I am using to build the game. I can reproduce this issue on Win 7 / 8 and Mac OS so it’s not an OS specific issue.

This issue is present when I apply any texture I to the terrain. I am using the Standard Asset terrain textures just to rule out any texture issues.

Addditionally, I’ve tried every combination of play settings (Fastest-Beautiful), checked all the build player setting and still don’t have an answer.

Thoughts? I’m stumped :-/

Update - Added a picture of my textures in the Inspector.

This issue was resolved when updating from Unity 4.3 to Unity 4.5. As it currently stands, this is no longer an issue in any of my builds. I don’t know what changed in 4.5 but all is well. I hope this helps someone in the future.