Terrain - too bright (Base map Distance)

Hello i have a problem in my new project, until i exited unity and reopened project it was fine, but after it, i get this bug: terrain is just too bright. Please read all of this topic before u will answer.

So this is picture, where is Base map distance by a camera under 1000 far away(bugged)

And this is picture, when i am with a camera over 1000 of Base map Distance(normal)

No that’s not my monitor, no when i will reinstall unity it will not help, my Ambient Light and Directional light are all right. I checked all topics of this problem, but no one have solution for this … bug, so i really don’t know what can i do, when i create new project and import assets what i need, it happens again. THANK YOU FOR ALL HELP!

I have the exact same problem, nobody knows anything on this bug or error. I assume it’s a lighting issue.