Terrain Toolkit and Texturing via Code HELP!

I am having trouble getting the TerrainToolkit.TextureTerrain to work… It give the error message that the heightStops array is out of range. Or at least I think its the height stops.

What am I doing wrong?

	public Texture2D[] desertTextures;

	void Start () {

		//Set textures....

		float[] sStops = new float[2]; 
		float[] hStops = new float[4];

		Texture2D[]tTexs = new Texture2D[1];

		sStops[0] = 30f;
		sStops[1] = 70f;

		hStops[1] = Random.Range(0.05f,0.18f);
		hStops[2] = Random.Range(0.19f,0.28f);
		hStops[3] = Random.Range(0.5f,0.48f);
		hStops[4] = Random.Range(0.7f,0.80f);

		this.GetComponent<TerrainToolkit>().TextureTerrain(sStops, hStops, desertTextures);



Array accesors are zero-based. So if hStops is declared as float[] hStops = new float[4], it has four elements: hStops[0], hStops[1], hStops[2], and hStops[3].

You’re trying to set hStops[1] - hStops[4].