Terrain tree painter doesn't work with mesh collider

Summery of what I did

  1. Exported my own tree from maya
  2. Put it into unity and assigned it a mesh collider Works
  3. Made it a prefab with mesh collider Works
  4. Made sure tree collider is enabled, used tree with paint No Collider
  5. Made a capsule collider and updated prefab Works
  6. Paint with it Works


Is the mesh colliders inability to work with terrain trees intentional or a bug? I want the collider to be quite accurate so people can climb and slide down trees so is there any way to get the mesh colider to work at all with the terrain?

you can place objects with terrainrand script. attach it to terrain and it will place object to your terrain randomly. For prefab select prefab you want to spread , for count select total number of all objects and then you can set range of random rotation.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class TerrainRand : MonoBehaviour
	public GameObject prefab;
	public int count = 1000;
	public float randomRotationX = 0;
	public float randomRotationY = 0;
	public float randomRotationZ = 0;	

You will need to place trees instead of using unity tree system