Terrain Tree Placing Not Working

I have a terrain in the game world. I go into placing trees mode with the Terrain Toolkit, and I make a new tree in there, using a prefab I made from a model. I select it and mouse over on the terrain. The blue circle is there, but when I click, nothing happens. Not a single tree gets placed. I go over to the console and it says:

The tree medium tree 1 couldn’t be instanced because the prefab contains no valid mesh renderer UnityEditor.HostView:OnGUI()

The prefab already has a mesh renderer attached, so I have no idea what Unity is talking about.

Screenshots, if they help: http://i.imgur.com/EP20AE0.png http://i.imgur.com/IoeGjAT.png

Please help!

Hello again, I’ve deleted my last answer etc as it was totally wrong. This issue was because your model was split into separate mesh objects, the terrain editor will not take them like that. I had no idea that it worked like this so we have both learnt something worthwhile :slight_smile:

Here is a link to a version of you tree that will work properly :

When you drag it into the scene from a prefab it will be on its side and also be very small. The reason it is on its side is because of the way Blender handles the x,y,z axis, when you use this in the terrain editor it will be the right way up. The reason it is small is due to us swapping files between you 3D package and Blender(I think, I have had issues the same as this before when doing this). When you use it in the terrain editor it will be much bigger. I’m not sure I got the size adjusted right so change the “Scale Factor” setting in the Tree model import settings until it is the right size for you(do this when you have placed some via the terrain editor so you can see when it is right). I have added a collider, but this may or may not adapt correctly when you change the Scale Factor setting.

You may want to re do you model yourself now you know what the underlying issue was to fix the quirks that have been added by me using Blender. If you do then join your tree mesh objects together, remove doubles on the new whole mesh(you had a lot of duplicate verts, approx 200 in total), then unwrap and create a texture similar to the quick one I have made for you.

Hope you can move forward from here now :slight_smile: