Terrain trough floor.

Okey, so I posted this before, but I think I was not clear enough. The problem here is that I can see the terrain trough the floor of my houses. I tried multiple ways:

I tried to use texture offset, did not completely fix it. Still glitching, and floor can sometimes be seen trough the floor.

I tried using multiple camera’s and render the buildings on a serparate layer. This did however, not work. You couldn’t see the texture trough the floor. But you could se buildings trough terrains, like hills, tree’s. So that did not work either.

Here is a picture, to see what I mean.


Any idea’s on how to fix it?

A. Switch the renderQueue of the house to draw on top of the terrain when the player enters the doorway and back when they leave.

B. Raise your houses up a bit, give them a foundation and crawlspace.