Terrain turns black


My terrain keeps turning black in unity 5.

Any ideas?

The only way i can solve this, is if I create another terrain. Poof, my regular terrain is no longer black.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I had similar problem my terrain turned black after i built my project in File > Build Settings. The way i fixed it for myself was i rebuild my project with Architecture set at x86_64. Though i’am running Unity on a 64 bit PC. Hope this helps.

Here’s Another Solution

Click your Terrain then go to the Terrain Settings and Uncheck the Draw checkbox then re-check the Draw checkbox.
It’s not a permanent fix but it’s easier then re-building your project or opening and closing Unity every time your terrain turns black.

This has been happening to me too. My fix was to just restart unity. I think unity isn’t loading everything correctly. Probably a bug.

For me it was I didn’t have a light source. Stupid mistake, but frustrating if you don’t realize it.

All I do now is,

Click terrain
Press F

That should clear it. But sometimes it does not.

Figured it out, Crank up the Base Map Distance under terrain settings.

this is my fix:
select Terrain in the Hierarchy → Terrain Settings → Base Terrain → select another material from Material drop-down list

Hope this helps

Go to transform and enter the “SCALE Y 1

I had the same problem when the terrain turns black in editor (HDRP),

I fix it by removing same terrain layers