Terrain & Water won't render to game view

I’ve found a lot of questions about terrains & objects not appearing in the game view, but nothing I’ve found has fixed this.

I’m working with large terrain objects which seem to create problems in themselves with -Infinity errors and exp values but I’ve got all the layers setup to default and I’ve tried to revert layouts to default etc several times.

But still I’ve got nothing showing in my game view, just my skybox. I’ve got a standard First Person Controller added which seems to work, the mouse looks around the scene, but the character falls as there is no terrain to land on.

Screen shot - noTerrain

I’ve not touched unity since last year, so this is probably basic, but nothing on here I’ve found over the past few days has helped :frowning:

Looks like I’ve fixed it.

Seems to have been the Culling Mask on the first person camera. I’ve changed that to Everything and everything seems visible!