terraindata.setheight as a brush for runtime terrain editing

my apologies if this has been awnsered before but i’ve spend 2 days searching with no results but i have made( i’ll be honest and say that i copied it) a terrain editor that can be used during runtime by the player
however whenever i use it it only raises the smallest of points since it works with a raycast shooting from my mouse

so my question is how do i make it raise a larger area of effect

 void raiseterrain(Vector3 point){
    		int mousex = (int)((point.x / terndta.size.x)*heightmapwidth);
    		int mousez = (int)((point.z / terndta.size.z)*heightmapheight);
    		float[,] modifyheights = new float[1,1];
    		float y = heights[mousex, mousez];
    		y += strength * Time.deltaTime;
    		if (y > terndta.size.y) {
    			y = terndta.size.y;
    		modifyheights[0,0] = y;
    		heights[mousex,mousez] =y;
    		terndta.SetHeights(mousex, mousez, modifyheights); //<---- this needs to become an area instead of a singular point

once again my apologies if it has been asked before but i just cant seem to figure this out


Terrain editor brush (Solved) - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions This answer has a script which does just that.