Terrains texture like UDK??

Hi, in UDK when u create a terrain u create a heightmap and then u add a terrain layer that goes with a terrain material. the terrain layer is something like a mask that shows where the material will be on the terrain. or where the grass is on the terrain.

when i was playing with UDK i had create some nice terrains.

In some way i add my heightmap, they imported little noise and i had to smooth them after, to make it at least look the same with that i had created.

and that i am asking is there any way to add the UDK layers in unity? or i have to paint them again form the start

If UDK can export a readable image file, you could probably use that as an alpha to composite something in Photoshop for the terrain base texture or automate the texture placement by sampling pixel color and placing textures/ terrain objects accordingly.

IMHO, it's easier to just import your heightmap and redo the textures/ detail object placement.