TerraWorld 2023 - Node-Based Real-World 3D Scene Generator & Level Designer (URP/HDRP/BIRP)

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TerraWorld 2023 is a real-world 3D scene generator and can generate any part of the Earth as a digital twin based on natural environments.

It is a highly performant real-world 3D world generator via its advanced GPU renderer and camera-driven events for intelligent object rendering and culling which can generate huge and highly detailed 3D levels for your games and simulations.

TerraWorld 2023 has become available through its 3 years of development and serving thousands of indie to professional game & simulation developers.

Whether you are an experienced developer or just getting started, the intuitive Node-Based interface and streamlined workflow of TerraWorld 2023 make it easy to create high-quality 3D scenes with just a few clicks.

For this, we made the whole process of making a desirable 3D scene from any location on Earth into 3 simple steps of:

  • Define Area of Interest (e.g., 8x8km2 region in Swiss Alps)
  • Select World Style (Realistic, Stylish, Low-Poly…)
  • Hit the Generate button!

And finally, a truly immersive game world is being created that will transport your players to any location on our beautiful Earth.

Download Playable Demo Scene
Savannah Shooter Game Download and Play

Time Limited Offers

Since we love our community, to give back to them, current TerraWorld 2021 users, will get time limited 50% discount while purchasing TerraWorld 2023 from the AssetStore, so the price will be $19.99 instead of the original $99.99.

⚡ Also, you will have discount on:
TerraLand 3

⚡ Please note that "TerraWorld 2023" is a completely new product and system compared to its predecessor "TerraWorld 2021", hence existing projects made with 2021 are not compatible with this new system.

Join thousands of TerraUnity users and chat with us at Discord here: https://discord.gg/9J6Jk7B

Here are some of the screenshots made with our users using TerraWorld :roll_eyes:





More information:

⚡ Tested on all LTS Unity versions for Windows, Mac & Linux
⚡ Node-based UI shareable between users
⚡ Operates on top of Unity’s built-in terrain system and is compatible with any derived 3rd party assets
⚡ Biome Templates as pre-made graphs to cover all nature types of Forest, Grassland, Desert & Tundra
⚡ High performance vegetation & object rendering using GPU Instancing & compute shaders
⚡ Supported platforms ranging from mobiles to high-end devices based on created graph pipeline
⚡ Full control over graph customization to cover any art style such as realistic, phantasy, stylish, low-poly, voxels... and any game genre like FPS, Strategy, Open-World, RPG, Simulation, Sports, Serious Games...

TerraWorld 2023 vs. TerraWorld 2021 (aka Pro):

"TerraWorld 2023" is the new solution from TerraWorld ecosystem with the new graph and nodes interface excluding TERRAIN & VFX tab as a more straightforward and lightweight solution to world building.

It means no custom shaders and effects are involved and supports all Unity rendering pipelines including BIRP, HDRP & URP so that you can then add your own graphics stuff (materials, effects, post processing) to the provided scenes.

Graph management is improved and the UI is more user-friendly and intuitive to create nodes where all resources are being registered in Unity's Asset Database so it doesn't matter if you change assets' locations in project as it keeps their reference automatically.

It also comes with a variety of new features for better performance, visuals and ease of use as it becomes the mainstream of TerraWorld development.

Here are the key features TerraWorld 2023 holds compared to the latest TerraWorld 2021:

  • User-friendly and intuitive Graph system with Nodes linked with Unity's AssetDatabase for any file management actions
  • Supports all Unity Rendering Pipelines of Built-in (BIRP), High Definition (HDRP) & Universal (URP)
  • Auto Installtion for all Editors of Windows, Mac & Linux
  • Tested and fully compatible on all target platforms of Windows, Mac, Linux, android, iOS, VR headsets and...
  • Faster Image Processing operations & Interactive Map via Google's Skia library
  • Billboard system for Grass layers to greatly improve runtime gameplay performance especially in dense environments
  • No custom shaders, materials, effects, Post Processing and generally graphics stuff are involved for the best compatibility between TerraWorld Lite & 3rd party assets as a highly performant and lightweight solution
  • Revamped editing tools for WorldTools comonent and layer editing capabilities
  • Lots of bugfixes and improvements in terms of UX, performance and ease of use gathered during the 3 years of TerraWorld development

We hope you enjoy getting creative with TerraWorld in your projects!

We have a #member-showcase channel on our Discord waiting for your creations to show them to the world ;)

Can't even use the package. On import, shows errors:

Assets\TerraWorld\Modules\Core\Scripts_Triangulator\CreateMeshTri.cs(18,45): error CS1061: 'Vertex' does not contain a definition for 'x' and no accessible extension method 'x' accepting a first argument of type 'Vertex' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Assets\TerraWorld\Modules\Core\Scripts_Triangulator\CreateMeshTri.cs(19,45): error CS1061: 'Vertex' does not contain a definition for 'y' and no accessible extension method 'y' accepting a first argument of type 'Vertex' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Even the menu option doesn't show up under Tools, so there's no way for me to use this. None of the instruction manuals go over this.

Using Unity version 2022.2.

@bigmak22 We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this but seems like you are importing the package into an existing project which causes conflicts and errors like this and its Auto Installer can’t finish the job while there are errors and that’s why menus don’t show up!

Below is from the Description section of the product page on AssetStore:

So make sure to import the package into a fresh empty project and start from there.

Also TerraWorld Lite has been tested on all Unity versions since 2020.3.0 as the minimum version up to the latest LTS version which is recommended and we even tested 2022.x versions and everything is working as it should.

If you imported TerraWorld Lite in a supported Unity version in a fresh project and still receiving errors for the installation, please let us know about your machine specs, Unity version and other useful info so that our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also join our Discord server to receive live feedback and support from our team and community members here: TerraUnity

Great asset. I hope, that you will create more templates.
Do you have any tutorial about how to create custom templates?


@Artini Thanks, templates will come as a separate package soon but we have surprises for it since it uses AI to generate dynamic graphs based on user input hence not limited to what we provide.

It involves a lot of art assets where our art team made during these 3 years and having it as a separate product makes its development much faster and in a more organized manner. Also it will come with a sophisticated AI system which can be linked to TerraWorld, we are still in R&D stage for this part though.

Sure, we will release a video on how to get started with custom graphs/templates in a few days.

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Stylish Savannah Shooter Game Demo Scene In TerraWorld Lite, Free Download!

Download & Play here: https://rebrand.ly/Savannah_Shooter_Demo

Excellent news. Thank you so much.

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You are welcome, stay tuned at our Discord: https://discord.gg/9J6Jk7B

How to run TerraWorld Lite for the first time and create a detailed stylized scene within a few clicks

I am happy to provide additional detail for a refund request. We created new Unity projects and evaluated both TerraLand 3 and TerraWorld on the day of purchase. Unfortunately, there are numerous product behaviors which prevent us from using either product in a production scenario. It is for this reason that we requested a refund on the day following purchase.

To be clear, I think this could be a great product for teams that have artists that are able to do a subsequent art passes on generated content. But for unsupervised scenarios, with camera interaction close to the ground, there are deal breakers for TerraUnity to address.

TerraWorld Behaviors

  • Template downloads timeout and fail to complete after an hour of transfer time over fast internet (5gb fiber). Templates are a core feature of the product design
  • Exceptions are reported during normal operation of the asset (see TCameraManager.cs)
  • River placement is suboptimal (screenshot)

TerraLand Behaviors

  • Terrain tiles show visible seams and gaps (screenshot)
  • Terrain tiles show distorted data (screenshot)

Terra World Rivers

Terra Land

Terra Land

I think this product has great long-term potential and we appreciate what this product is seeking to accomplish! Unfortunately, the behaviors described above prevent us from using it in a production scenario. For this reason, we must reiterate our request for a refund. Thank you for your understanding.


Hi Shaun, thanks for the info!

First of all, I think you have posted in the wrong thread since here is for TerraWorld Lite!

TerraWorld Pro thread: https://discussions.unity.com/t/767030

TerraLand thread: https://discussions.unity.com/t/702242

And based on the AssetStore guidelines, whatever you mentioned here is regarding to products' support which you have to contact us through the email we sent you earlier to solve your issues instead of asking for refund here!

Also from these pictures, we cannot decide on what's happening in your project and there are already thousands of users that use these products in their indie to enterprise applications without these issues.

So either contact us for support to solve your issues or if you insist on refund please ask the AssetStore team to process your case since we have no enough support and QA history of your case to issue refund!

How To Create A Custom Graph In TerraWorld Lite - Full Tutorial

In this video, we demonstrate how you can create your own unique scene by creating a brand-new graph for your style and your scene.

TerraWorld Lite uses graphs in order to generate digital twin of real world locations. TerraWorld has a series of graphs called templates which are created and developed by the team itself.

TerraWorld Lite is highly performant via its advanced GPU renderer and camera-driven events for intelligent object rendering and culling, which can generate huge and highly detailed 3D levels for your games and simulations.

just installed TerraWorld Lite into Unity 2021.3.24f1 on Mac, I am getting this error once I select the area I want, is there a fix for this? I tried reimporting as well, no change.

DllNotFoundException: SkiaSharp assembly: type: member:(null)
SkiaSharp.SKAbstractManagedStream..cctor () (at Assets/TerraWorld/Modules/Core/Scripts/Image Processing/SkiaSharp Bindings/SKAbstractManagedStream.cs:71)
Rethrow as TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'SkiaSharp.SKAbstractManagedStream' threw an exception.
SkiaSharp.SKManagedStream..ctor (System.IO.Stream managedStream, System.Boolean disposeManagedStream, System.Boolean owns) (at Assets/TerraWorld/Modules/Core/Scripts/Image Processing/SkiaSharp Bindings/SKManagedStream.cs:26)
SkiaSharp.SKManagedStream..ctor (System.IO.Stream managedStream, System.Boolean disposeManagedStream) (at Assets/TerraWorld/Modules/Core/Scripts/Image Processing/SkiaSharp Bindings/SKManagedStream.cs:21)
SkiaSharp.SKCodec.WrapManagedStream (System.IO.Stream stream) (at Assets/TerraWorld/Modules/Core/Scripts/Image Processing/SkiaSharp Bindings/SKCodec.cs:326)
SkiaSharp.SKCodec.Create (System.IO.Stream stream, SkiaSharp.SKCodecResult& result) (at Assets/TerraWorld/Modules/Core/Scripts/Image Processing/SkiaSharp Bindings/SKCodec.cs:291)
SkiaSharp.SKCodec.Create (System.IO.Stream stream) (at Assets/TerraWorld/Modules/Core/Scripts/Image Processing/SkiaSharp Bindings/SKCodec.cs:288)
SkiaSharp.SKBitmap.Decode (System.IO.Stream stream) (at Assets/TerraWorld/Modules/Core/Scripts/Image Processing/SkiaSharp Bindings/SKBitmap.cs:530)
TerraUnity.Runtime.TImageProcessing.ImageFromMemoryStream (System.IO.Stream stream) (at Assets/TerraWorld/Modules/Core/Scripts/Image Processing/TImageProcessing.cs:28)
TerraUnity.Runtime.TImageProcessing.Texture2DToBitmap (UnityEngine.Texture2D texture, TerraUnity.Runtime.TImageProcessing+ImageProcessingFormat format) (at Assets/TerraWorld/Modules/Core/Scripts/Image Processing/TImageProcessing.cs:132)
TerraUnity.Edittime.TMap.AfterDataDownloaded (System.Single[,] heightsData, UnityEngine.Texture2D SatelliteImage2, UnityEngine.Texture2D LandCoverImage2, System.Xml.XmlDocument landcoverData, System.Int32 majorVersion, System.Int32 minorVersion, System.Int32 CounterNum, System.String Message, System.String webpage, System.Exception criticalException, System.Exception nonCriticalException) (at Assets/TerraWorld/Modules/Core/Scripts/Sources/DataLayer/TMap.cs:470)
.. (TCommunications ) (at :0)
TCommunications. () (at :0)
TCommunications.DownloadDataCompletedImagery (System.Object sender, System.Net.DownloadDataCompletedEventArgs e) (at :0)
System.Net.WebClient.OnDownloadDataCompleted (System.Net.DownloadDataCompletedEventArgs e) (at :0)
System.Net.WebClient.b__78_3 (System.Object arg) (at :0)
UnityEngine.UnitySynchronizationContext+WorkRequest.Invoke () (at /Users/bokken/build/output/unity/unity/Runtime/Export/Scripting/UnitySynchronizationContext.cs:153)
UnityEngine.UnitySynchronizationContext.Exec () (at /Users/bokken/build/output/unity/unity/Runtime/Export/Scripting/UnitySynchronizationContext.cs:83)
UnityEngine.UnitySynchronizationContext.ExecuteTasks () (at /Users/bokken/build/output/unity/unity/Runtime/Export/Scripting/UnitySynchronizationContext.cs:107)

@ironcladmerc Hi, thanks for reaching out. Would you please send us your full machine and OS specs.

The error you are receiving is due to Unity not finding the corresponding SkiaSharp dll/dylib, please make sure you have the full package contents imported and you don't have any missing files in project. Let us know of the results here again.

Hello. Love this new edition to your product offering. Just to piggy back previous thread, I know you mentioned a 3td party addition that is in development for this tool that will add more template options which is cool. My question is is there a simple way to just create a new biome to use with existing graph info and “save as” something new for future use? Cheers!

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Hi, thanks for reaching out. Yes we are going to release a dedicated package for TW templates later but it may take some time.

What you asked is exactly what we are producing a video tutorial for it where you initially load default template, switch its resources with your own art content (terrain layers, models, vegetation, prefabs, textures, materials…), add some nodes for customization, edit generated layers in scene hierarchy and finally give it some post processing effects in URP and then convert the scene in HDRP. Stay tuned for this video tutorial :wink:

In the meantime, please refer to this video tutorial to get started with TW’s new interface and its node-based system:


@everyone Here is an update in current TERRA products’ prices and deals.

New users

Current users (Upgrade paths)

Right now, this is a good opportunity if you did not receive your desired product yet based on the mixture of current sale and discount conditions. Don’t miss these great deals before they end.

TerraLand 4 is also going to be released to public soon and we will define upgrade paths between TerraWorld & TerraLand product lines.

You don’t need to do anything if you want these discounts and upgrade paths to be applied on prices since they are already defined in your purchase panel on AssetStore and they will be calculated automatically.

If you are still having issues running TerraWorld 2023 in your project on Mac, here is the solution as also explained in the Description section of the store page:

It is confirmed that Mac users with M1/M2 chips, should use the Intel version of Unity editor instead of Silicon versions due to Unity’s limitations with native DLLs and libraries on Silicon.
This is completely a Unity thing and not related to our products or any other assets.

In this video, we are going to learn how to create a unique tropical biome as digital twin of a real-world location by changing default models and resources that comes with TerraWorld 2023's Stylized Forest template.

By learning how to change existing templates' settings and resources (prefab models, textures, terrain layers, materials...) plus adding or editing nodes in TerraWorld's graph system, you can generate any place on Earth in its unique style using any art assets or content you have in your project. TerraWorld 2023 is a highly flexible and dynamic modular system through nodes where you can define any customizations for your generated 3D scene by its advanced built-in tools.

Used 3D models and custom vegetation materials in the video are from Synty Studio's Tropical Jungle Asset, but any other Synty Studios or 3rd party art assets can be used as node resources for world generation.

Even though, Tropical Jungle Asset from Synty is considered a release with bad performance due to heavy models and shaders, TerraWorld lifts this limitation and can render thousands of these models at a very low cost with proper settings while rendering the scene in real-time.


TerraWorld 2023 is now one of the top-selling assets under Tools category on AssetStore: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7087032768429178880/