Terribly Persistent Glitch! Scene Tab Freaking Out

Hey Unity!

I have been having a pretty tough time lately figuring out what I’m doing wrong here. Before I went on vacation, I had a nicely working project - and when I came back, this bug cropped up seemingly out of thin air. I can’t quite figure out what’s going on, but I will try to explain exactly what’s happening.

I have a project that is networked via UNET (Unity’s new Networking system) and as seen in the screenshot, have two scenes. “Main Menu” and “Village.” If I run village alone, it runs fine. However, if I run the game from Main Menu - things get wonky. As soon as I connect to the server, I can play the game normally, but the scene view is glitched out. Pixels drag in a Microsoft Solitare fashion, and everything is distorted. What’s more, if I stop the game, the issue persists until I reset the layout (via Window> Layout> Default or other preset). Also, if I build and run the game, I can’t get past the Main Menu scene. It just glitches out when I try to connect to the server. Again, I can play it just fine minus the Scene window issue, but I can’t play it at all in the Standalone version.

Things I have tried:

-Restarting the Editor

  • Restarting my Computer
  • Reinstalling Unity
  • Copying all folders into new project

I’m out of ideas!

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

I appear to have solved the issue by adding a camera to my “Village” scene that previously had no camera. Not sure why it caused such a big deal, but there you go. My players instantiate with a camera attached so there would always be an active camera/audio listener if the scene was actually in use, but for some reason the editor didn’t like that.