TeshMeshPro blurred or pixelated right from the start

Hi, I’m new to unity and I’m having trouble adding text to my game. Since I started using a text object, Unity asked me if I wanted to import textmeshpro assets, and I said why not? So I installed it. But in every scene of my game, when I press play to test it, the text gets pixelated. I created a blank new project, just added a textmeshpro object (since Unity doesn’t let me add normal text objects, just textmeshpro) said I wanted to import the textmeshpro utilities, and my text is still pixelated/blurred when I press play! How do I flix this bluer? Here are pictures of my project before play:

and after play:

and the mediafire link to my project: My project

Figured out that if I build the project, it doesn’t get pixelated. phew! But now I’ll ask - is there a way for my text to not turn pixelated while play in Unity? I wanna test it without having to build it

Your Game view is zoomed in which is likely causing you to see the pixelation