Tessallation without DX11?


In short I’m generating a large plane with random heights for each vertex as a terrain object, I need to increase the level of density of vertices around the player for a smoother looking terrain.

Does anyone know of any example shaders that can tessalate without using DirectX 11? Surely the method behind it is fairly fundamental. If an example shader of such does not exist for Unity then could someone point me in the right direction as to where I may study the basic principles, so I don’t have to haphazardly piece together my own variation. :stuck_out_tongue:


Edit: In fact, it could do the opposite. I could generate the highest level of detail and work down instead of up.

It’s not possible in “normal” shaders. The usual Vertex and Fragment-shaders are not capable of creating new geometry since they are just pipeline processors of the incoming vertex data. The Vertex shader can only process one vertex at a time and has no information of the other vertices or triangles. The Fragment shader has no idea of vertex or triangles at all. It just processes an interpolated fragment inside a triangle.

What you need is a geometry shader which is not available before DX10

Why would you have to rely on shaders? It should be entirely possible to “pre-process” a given mesh when loading a scene.

check out Mega-fiers for one plugin solution

EDIT: I understand the intention of the original post better now, and can see how shaders would be add awesomeness.