Test ads are showing even though I forced production ads.

My game keeps showing test ads even from devices not listed under my "test devices". I even tried with the override to use production ads, yet test ads still show up on other user's devices.

It's currently only available on Android and even there it still shows only test ads. I can't release it on iOS, because Apple's policy requires the app to show production ads:

"Guideline 2.5.10 - Performance - Software Requirements

We noticed that your app or its screenshots include test advertisements. Apps or metadata items that include features that are for test or demonstration purposes are not appropriate for the App Store."

What am I missing?

Also, I am not initializing advertisements with to test mode (i.e. Advertisement.Initialize(myGameId)).

Just wanted to post an update...Someone from Unity Ads Support got in touch with me and looked into the matter. There was apparently some configuration issue. They [Unity Ads Support] were able to resolve it and my game now displays production ads!

As far as what caused the issue to begin with, IDK. I forgot to ask and just closed the ticket.