Test-Runner and Assembly Definitions conflict with Third-Party assets

In my current project (using unity 2018.1.5) I’m searching for the solution to solve the conflict between
Third-Party assets and mandatory assembly definitions of the test directory used by

My project constraints:

  1. Usage of Test-Runner for unit-tests (Edit-Mode / Play-Mode)
  2. Usage of Third-Party assets (from the store) which must not be modified

I have tried the following:

  1. One full assembly (all platforms) for my script-directory and one full
    assembly for the Third-Party assets and of course the test assembly referencing the others:
    => All is working in editor but the build failed, caused by editor files in the Third-Party assets 2. Editor only assemblies (editor is the only platform) for my script-directory, for the Third-Party assets
    and for the test assembly referencing the others:
    => Build succeeded but the Third-Party stuff is not working during execution.
  2. No assemblies at all:
    => No tests are shown in the Test-Runner

Do you have any similar issues or any hint to solve this problem?

Much Thanks!


@cbrack I’m currently facing the same problem. Did you find a solution?