Test Touchscreen With Wacom Tablet?

i have a wacom intuos pro 5 graphics tablet that when i hook up to my computer, and enabling its touch screen feature, i can swipe and touch the tablet to make my computer monitor a touchscreen (basically). Unfortunatley, the mouse doesn’t appear where you touch the screen, it only moves when you swipe, so not exactly like a tablet. Am i able to set it up so it acts like a tablet? Will the remote plugin work?

Short answer, no. Long answer, well it could, but might be difficult to set up, and would probably need ran through android emulator. I don’t think it would prove very useful. Just use android remote and have your tablet or phone do the same thing.

I had this same thought when I had a bamboo. Didn’t find a proper way, but being really persistent you probably could find/create a way, but for little real usefulness. Wish I had a better answer for you lol.

Mainly it’s going to be useless to do that because your “blind” to what you were to touch. On android remote your not.