Testing fully immersive vr app on vision os device show blank screen?

Hello, I have downloaded vision os template and inside SampleSceneUnbounded scene added a sphere with 360 image on it. I also changed the app mode to Virtual Reality - Fully immersive space. It works good on vision os simulator But on avp device it show blank gray screen ? I am doing something wrong or any setting i am missing ?

Hi there! Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble.

Can you check Project Settings > XR Plug-in Management > Project Validation? There may be some rendering settings that you need to set up for VR to work. We don’t have the visionOS template set up to work for VR out of the box, but it should be possible to switch modes and tweak a few settings to get it working. I think everything is covered by project validation.

Hello, thanks for your help. It’s working by disabling volume camera in the scene. And also uncheck Auto-create volume camera from Project Setting → PolySpatial. Thanks. I think there is no need of volume camera for fully immersive vr mode.

Huh… that’s actually a little surprising! I can’t say I’ve tested this specific situation, but I wouldn’t expect Volume Camera or any PolySpatial features to interfere with VR rendering. FWIW, you should be able to just remove the PolySpatial packages entirely (including VolumeCamera) if you are only making VR builds. I’ll test this out soon to see if I can see why VolumeCamera was causing an issue. If you’d like to report a bug to track this issue, please feel free to do so.

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