Testing in Unity

Hey folks,

I tried google before I posted this question. But the results were not really satisfying. So, I will try it here.

I am a regular software developer and new to game development. But from SE I’m used to create my programms test-driven using loads of unit tests (and others).
But after working with Unity occasionally for a few months now, I wonder how to do this with Unity.

I also find it quite disturbing, that there seems to be no real guidance for this topic to be found in the internet. Testing is quite important, though nobody seems to care about it.

So, could you give me some advice on testing in unity?

There are Unit testing projects all over the forums(read here and there…i.e. a couple).

Head on over to:

Open source unit testing for unity(free)


Just a couple examples, so you can get your TDD on!

Here’s another: GitHub - asross/unity_tests: A basic tool to write tests for Unity3D.