Testing in Unity3d

I came from the Ruby universe, where testing is seen as the most fruitful activity.

I tried to google “Testing in Unity3d”, but it doesn’t return anything promising. Is it because it is not considered important? Is it because it is hard and very expensive to do?

Specifically, I would like to use some kind of acceptance tests in my game. Is there anything simular to Cucumber and Capybara/Selenium in Unity3d?

P.S. I saw cukunity, but it works only for touch devises.

I haven’t tried any of it, but this AltDevBlog entry appears to cover what you are looking for.

What exactly do you mean by “testing”, in unity u cant terst the game youve made by simply pressing the little play icon at the top of the screen.

As a second option, you can also go to: file-build settings, select the platform you wish to test on, and hit build.

I’m also from the Ruby universe, and I’m definitely feeling the lack of an easy test framework too. This isn’t really akin to cucumber; I feel like true integration and acceptance testing is still really hard to accomplish, but I’ve managed to do a lot with it so far: GitHub - asross/unity_tests: A basic tool to write tests for Unity3D.

Check out Unity Test Tools: